Ktex™ Cleaning Solvent

Ktex™ solvent is a new non-halogenated cleaning solvent that offers drycleaners a system which cleans better, is efficient, and costs less to use. Approved for use only in FMB's Firbimatic, Realstar and Union drycleaning machines, it is a drop-in replacement solvent for all these brands of modern Class IIIA drycleaning machines.

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Excellent Cleaning Performance

Used together with one of Street's, Adco's or Laidlaw's multi-fabric drycleaning detergents, Ktex cleaning solvent provides excellent cleaning performance in removing all stains (lipophilic, hydrophilic and enzymatic), soils and other contaminants.

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Gentle on All Common Fabrics, Accessories & Trims

Ktex is formulated to be gentle to most woven and non-woven items and trims including:

  • Trims and accessories including buttons, beads, zippers, buckles and belts
  • Natural fibers: wool, cotton, linen, silk
  • Synthetic fibers: nylon, polyester, acrylic
  • Most leather, skins and furs

Ktex also helps eliminate garment shrinkage and differential shrinkage.

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Increases Productivity and Reduces Costs

Ktex enables you to perform most of the cleaning in the wheel, where it should be done. Using Ktex, you can:

  • Reduce or eliminate most pre-brushing and pre-spotting
  • Significantly reduce recleans

Ktex's unique formula also makes pressing and finishing easier because cleaned items have a low tendency to wrinkle.

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Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Most of all, using Ktex will result in satisfied customers because you can return their garments with a like new appearance by:

  • Providing a soft and pleasant texture
  • Maintaining garment size and color
  • Minimizing wear of fibers so garments last longer
  • Preserving color brightness and eliminating graying
  • Eliminating unpleasant odor that can persist in garments cleaned in other systems